Granite characteristics include strength and durability. It’s a unique and elegant natural stone. It’s also one of the oldest, hardest, and strongest stones available. A truly beautiful natural stone with hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from. It symbolizes strength and longevity. A sleek rich feel. The looks obtained from using this stone are versatile. From an unassuming elegance to a bold “look at me” statement. Granite is at home in a country farm house as well as in a modern high rise. It’s all about the color and texture you choose. Granite is an affordable luxury. The term granite is derived from the Latin word granum meaning grain. It is full of small and large grains of crystals. This stone starts out as a molten mass of magma and then forms into the rock granite as this magma cools deep within the earth. Granites are classified differently in scientific and industry terms. The main minerals in true granites are silicates, feldspar, and quartz. The most important mineral is quartz. It’s not granite without quartz.

Steel Grey
Moon White
Ivory Fantasy
White Springs
Tan Brown
Peacock Green
New Caledonia
New Venetian Gold
Santa Secilia Light
Tropical Brown
Uba Tuba
Kashmir Gold
Labrador Blue Pearl
Venetian White
Imperial Gold
Green Butterfly
Giallo Fiorito
Giallo Fiesta
Baltic Brown
Brown Fantasy
Colonial White
Emerald Pearl
Ivory Fantasy
Dallas White
Alaskan White
Giallo Ornamental
Black Galaxy
Bianco Romano
Bianco Antico
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